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The olympic hammer thrower, Uwe Beyer, in the role of the dragon killer Siegfried. After young Siegfried has killed the much-feared dragon, he bathes in its blood and becomes invincible, except for one little spot on his shoulder blade that had been covered by a falling leaf. When Siegfried also defeats the Dwarf King Alberich, and ends up in possession of his magic hood, nothing seems to be able to stop the young rascal. He sails for Iceland to compete against the legendary strong and beautiful Queen Brunhilde, who will only marry a man who can defeat her at several passages of arms. Siegfried accomplishes this feat and Brunhilde falls in love with him. He promises her that he will return to Iceland to get her. Before that, he has important business to tend to at the Burgundian court of King Gunther in Worms, where Siegfried falls in love with Kriemhild, the king's beautiful sister. The king promises Kriemhild's hand in marriage to Siegfried, but only if he defeats Brunhilde once more and woos her for marriage to King Gunther. With the help of the magic hood from Alberich, he is able once more to defeat Brunhilde and she is bound to agree to marry Gunther. When Brunhilde learns of the fraud, she is deeply hurt and joins forces with the sinister Hagen von Tronje, for whom the sunny-boy Siegfried has long been a source of annoyance. When Hagen finds out about the vulnerable spot on Siegfried's shoulder, he takes his chance and kills his adversary. Kriemhild swears revenge...

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