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Berlin, 1948/1949. The town is divided into two sectors. The world is close to World War III. West Berlin is kept alive by the biggest airlift in history. While the city is deadlocked, three teenagers set out to fulfil their dreams: Völpel (Hilmar Thate), ex-executioner, receives secret information from Police Headquarters. Gladow (Ulrich Wesselmann), 17 years old, wants to be like Al Capone. Lisa Gabler (Katharina Thalbach) dreams of buying Berlins biggest revue venue the 'Friedrichstadt Palast.' But suddenly, the droning of the airplanes ceases? Based on a true story from the times of the 'Berlin Blockade.'

1981 Deutscher Filmpreis (Lola) – Filmband in Gold für Beste Darstellerin (Ilse Page)
1981 Nominated for: Cannes Int. Filmfestspiele – Goldene Palme (Thomas Brasch)
1982 Bayerischer Filmpreis – Beste Nachwuchsregie (Thomas Brasch)
1982 Nominated for: Max Ophüls Preis (Filmfestival) – Max Ophüls Preis (Thomas Brasch)

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