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Criminal film in the school milieu. Janitor Palsberg, employee at the local secondary school in the Danish harbor city Belgesund, is in for trouble. For quite a while now, he has been receiving bribes, in the form of liquor and cigarettes, from the pupils. In return, he has to steal the test questions from the teachers' room for them. This time, however, the stolen questions do not match up with the actual questions, which makes the pupils quite angry. In addition, Palsberg is blackmailing the teacher Dr. Berling, since he had gotten wind of a relationship that Berling was carrying on with one of his young female students. One evening, Palsberg is found murdered in his apartment. The pupils fear that they will be the key suspects. But then, Chief Inspector Thomsen takes on the case and soon illuminates the double-dealings that the deceased janitor was involved in.

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