Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Werner Herzog. Wim Wenders. Three directors whose names stand for the exodus of the West German cinema from the decades of insignificance of the post-war period. As of 1970, the blossoming of the German cinema began and caused a global sensation with films like FEAR EATS THE SOUL, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL or IN THE COURSE OF TIME. For the first time since the golden age of expressionism in the 1920s, German filmmakers, whose new works receive international attention and acclaim, are back. Significantly responsible in part for this departure, is the Filmverlag der Autoren (The Authors' Film Publishing Guild) - a production and distribution cooperative that was founded in Munich in April 1971 by 13 filmmakers. Ranking amongst the first members were, in addition to Wim Wenders: Uwe Brandner, Michael Fengler, Hans Noever, Peter Lilienthal, Thomas Schamoni and Laurens Straub, among others. As of 1971, the Filmverlag der Autoren produces and distributes the films of its members, as well as other independent filmmakers like Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog, Alexander Kluge, Helma Sanders-Brahms and Werner Schroeter. Within just a few years, the Filmverlag evolves into the most significant platform of an entire generation of German filmmakers. Today there is no doubt: Without the Filmverlag der Autoren, the story of the New German Cinema could have never been written. Exodus of the Filmmakers is a program-worthy cinematic documentary, which tells the story of this unusual collective of authors - from their genesis in Munich in the middle of the 1960s over the worldwide success in Cannes, up until the dissolution of the group in the year 1977. Exodus of the Filmmakers is, however, far more than just a documentation of film history: It is the portrait of an artists' collective, the portrait of a generation. Exodus of the Filmmakers presents the key protagonists of the German cinematic miracle of the 1970s and probes the socio-political backgrounds of this unique success story: Then the struggle for self-determined working conditions by a small group of young, independent author-filmmakers, against the forced regulation by a branch of financially sound old-school producers - that mirrors the conflict between the first German post-war generation and their fathers, who learned their artistic craft back in the film industry of the Third Reich. Interviews, film excerpts and rare, sometimes even unpublished stock footage, are woven by the filmmakers Laurens Straub and Dominik Wessely into a rise-and-fall chronicle that commands all of the elements that make a great cinematic story: Friendship. Success. Jealousy. Destruction. Death. With: Hark Bohm, Uwe Brandner, Michael Fengler, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Peter Fleischmann, Veith von Fürstenberg, Hans W. Geissendörfer, Werner Herzog, Alexander Kluge, Peter Lilienthal, Hans Noever, Thomas Schamoni, Laurens Straub, Wim Wenders, as well as Margret Menegoz, Linda Myles, Tom Luddy, Dan Talbot and many others.

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