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Saskia and Rex, a young couple from Amsterdam, are driving to the south of France on holiday. Rex likes taking risks and tends to only fill up with gasoline at the last moment. Driving through a long tunnel, Saskia tells about her recurring nightmare - she´s enclosed in a golden egg that files through space eternally. They run out of gas and after a quarrel eventually get to a service station. Raymond Lemorne is to all appearences an ordinary average man. Married, with two daughters, he is funny, sympatethic, a bit clumsy, loyal. One day he saves a drowning girl. His youngest daughter is filled with admiration and regards him as a hero. The question occurs to him whether he would also be capable of doing evil. He becomes obsessed with this idea to the point of having to prove it to himself. His experiments bring him to the service station where Saskia and Rex are taking gasoline. Saskia goes to buy cold drinks and does´t return. For Rex a long nightmare begins. What has happened to his girlfriend? Has she left him or has she been kidnapped? Is she alive or dead?

1988 Europäischer Filmpreis (Felix) – Beste Nebendarstellerin (Johanna ter Steege)
1988 Niederl. Filmfestival (Goldenes Kalb) – Bester Film
1988 Niederl. Filmfestival (Goldenes Kalb) – Kritikerpreis (George Sluizer)
1990 Fantasporto – Beste Regie (George Sluizer)
1990 Fantasporto – Bester Hauptdarsteller (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu)
1991 Mystfest – Bestes Drehbuch (George Sluizer)
1991 Mystfest – Bestes Drehbuch (Tim Krabbé)
1991 National Board of Review – Top Foreign Films