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In the year 1850, the British officer Captain Grant disappears without a trace following the Crimean War. His two children, Robert and Mary, remain parentless back in England. Two years later, the Scottish aristocrat Lord Glenarvan finds a weathered bottle with a message from Captain Grant in the belly of a shark. Only the name of the city ST. PETERSBURG is still legible on the bottle. Together with his fatherly friend, Major George Nabbs, the young officer Calhoun and Grant's two children, Lord Glenarvan makes his way to St. Petersburg to track down the missing Captain. A thrilling adventure begins, and the group of travellers overcome uncountable dangers and an odyssey through all of tsarist Russia, before the children can finally hold their long-lost father in their arms once again. Based on the adventure novel of the same name by Jules Verne. See also TV series EMPIRE OF THE EAGLES, Director: Donovan Scott, 1996