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I BROKE MY FUTURE (Original title)

Hundreds of thousands of Africans head to Europe every year. They flee from poverty, political persecution or war, thereby risking their life. Only very few manage to enter an EU country. Fela, Karim. Rachid and Daren made it to Germany and thought they had reached the destination of their dreams. But instead, they are confronted with restrictive asylum laws and their consequences. On the edge of society, they live and work illegally in Berlin and are subjected almost daily to police identity checks and the subsequent punishments. The only way out for them is to find a German woman to marry. They are slowly realising that they have not only given up their homeland for their life in Europe but are bit by bit also loosing their identity and dignity. Dreams of a normal life seem unreachable and the only feelings left are resignation, anger and desperation. However, to their families in Africa they continue to say that they have arrived and live in PARADISE EUROPE.