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Andrey is an art-director in an advertising agency. Andrey's life comes up with multiple unpleasant surprises at the day when his wife bears their first child. First of all Andrey has to go to work to solve some unexpected problems instead of going to the hospital to his wife. He lights up the first cigarette despite the fact that he was going to give up smoking. He confronts a client and finds himself in danger of being fired. From that moment Andrey's day turns into a total nightmare. All the day Andrey drives all over the city trying to solve the problem. On his way he makes mistake after mistake even without noticing it. He has to act against his will for his career and the future well being of his wife and his child, but still cannot reach the goal. However, this film is not about a place-hunter but about development of new standards, when company's interests rise above ethics; it is about some kind of THE THIRD RULE OF A MANAGER.

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