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EMPIRE OF THE EAGLES (EPISODEN 1-8) (Original title)

Lord Glenarvan, the last born in a line of an illustrious Scottish house of nobles, finds a message in a bottle from Captain Grant, who has been missing for two years, in the belly of a slain shark. Together with his fatherly friend, Major George Nabbs, the young officer Calhoun and the Captain's two children, 11-year-old Robert and 15-year-old Mary, he sets off for St. Petersburg, the only legible name on the weathered bottle and their only hope. Until Lord Glenarvan and his friends are able to find the Captain, who has been captured during the Crimean War, they must first overcome countless adventures and follow a dangerous route which leads them through the sheer endless kingdom of the Tsar. Thrilling adventure series based on a novel by Jules Verne. See also the feature film THE CHILDREN OF CAPTAIN GRANT, Director: Donovan Scott, 1995