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Director: Rudolf Thome
Screenplay: Rudolf Thome
Director of Photography: Reinhold Vorschneider
Cast: Radhe Schiff; John Shinavier; Susan Chesler; Marie Soranno
Country, Year of production:
D, 1992
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

An American film-critic flies to Berlin to investigate about the life of German film-maker Murnau. After meeting his former girlfriend and finding a statue near Murnau´s tomb, begins a strange mystic journey through time and space: a romantic unification of ancient and modern world, suspicions and memories, art and life. And the critic is about to learn someting new of himself...


Director: Petra Haffter
Screenplay: Petra Haffter
Director of Photography: Frank Brühne
Cast: Anthony Perkins; Uwe Bohm; James Aubrey; Sophie Ward
Country, Year of production:
D, 1991
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Horror

Arthur Johnson (Anthony Perkins) has been living for 20 years in 142, Trinity Road when Anthony Johnson (Uwe Bohm) moves in for a limited tenancy. Arthur outwardly leads the impeccable life of a decent, upright citizen. But behind this mask of respectability yawns a spiritual abyss; and when his namesake arrives on the scene, it can only be a matter of time before the double life that Arthur is leading is exposed... Based upon the thriller "A Demon in my View" by Ruth Rendell.


Director: Peter F. Bringmann
Screenplay: Christoph Mattner
Director of Photography: Frank Brühne
Cast: Heiner Lauterbach; Dietmar Schönherr; Deborah Lacey; Julien Guiomar
Country, Year of production:
D; F, 1989
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Crime; Action; Adventure

Peter Bechtle, a German timber expert, is the new manager of a lumber mill in Ghana. He finds a run-down mill, dangerous for the workers and unprofitable for its owners, industrialist Brasser and the exotic Victoria. But after a while Bechtle begins to understand what's going on and why his predecessor was killed. Precious mahagoni is declared as cheap timber and smuggled to Europe at enormous profit. Bechtle has to stop this and enters into a fight against an obscure web of smugglers, corruption and violence. A gripping eco thriller about the exploitation of the Third World.


Director: Thomas Brasch
Screenplay: Thomas Brasch
Director of Photography: Walter Lassally
Cast: Hilmar Thate; Katharina Thalbach; Ulrich Wesselmann; Karin Baal
Country, Year of production:
D, 1981
Color: black/white
Genre: Drama; Crime; History; War

Berlin, 1948/1949. The town is divided into two sectors. The world is close to World War III. West Berlin is kept alive by the biggest airlift in history. While the city is deadlocked, three teenagers set out to fulfil their dreams: Völpel (Hilmar Thate), ex-executioner, receives secret information from Police Headquarters. Gladow (Ulrich Wesselmann), 17 years old, wants to be like Al Capone. Lisa Gabler (Katharina Thalbach) dreams of buying Berlins biggest revue venue the 'Friedrichstadt Palast.' But suddenly, the droning of the airplanes ceases? Based on a true story from the times of the 'Berlin Blockade.'


Director: Helma Sanders-Brahms
Screenplay: Helma Sanders-Brahms
Director of Photography: Jürgen Lenz
Cast: Johanna Schall; Thomas Büchel; Udo Kroschwald; Anna Sanders
Country, Year of production:
D, 1991
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

The south of Berlin, when the GDR still existed. Thousands of apple trees as far as the eye can see. Here, Lena and Heinz meet in the course of their work. A great and passionate love begins. But Sienke is here, too. As lord over the trees and the people who live from them, he has his eyes on Lena. He desires her and she submits. A drama ensues that will go on until the fall of the Berlin wall.


Director: Alexander Kluge
Screenplay: Alexander Kluge
Director of Photography: Thomas Mauch; Günter Hoermann
Cast: Hannelore Hoger; Alfred Edel
Country, Year of production:
D, 1968
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Drama

The artist Leni (Hannelore Hoger) plans the circus of the future. She wants to show the animals authentically and not as dressed-up people. In the face of this inhuman situation, the artists are to increase the degree of difficulty of their art. But her plan goes awry. She approaches a television company as she looks upon her knowledge of the technique of this art as a basis for her attempts to change her world. Parable made by Alexander Kluge.


Director: Alexander Kluge
Screenplay: Alexander Kluge
Director of Photography: Werner Lüring; Judith Kaufmann; Thomas Mauch; Hermann Fahr
Cast: Alfred Edel; Rosemarie Fendel; Jutta Hoffmann; Armin Mueller-Stahl; Hans-Michael Rehberg; Peter Roggisch; Rosel Zech
Country, Year of production:
D, 1985
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Documentary

An episode film that "bids farewell to classical cinema" (A. Kluge). Fragments of reality that all still strictly follow one thought - how one moment in time can swallow up everything that has happened beforehand and afterwards. There's the daughter of the porter couple in Warsaw who surrenders herself to a German soldier in order to preserve the historical Polish film treasures. There is the completely indispensable one, who suddenly becomes unnecessary because the boss prefers someone else. There are the hurried ones, who restlessly rush around the world in order to make decisions that are constantly becoming less meaningful. There is the young surrogate mother, who doesn't want to give back the child until the parental guardians listen to her suggestions on how to care for it. And ...


Director: Christoph Schaub
Screenplay: Martin Witz
Director of Photography: Ciro Cappellari
Cast: Peter von Strombeck; Jessica Früh; Eva Scheurer; Peter Bollag
Country, Year of production:
CH, 1992
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Up to the day he committed his insane deed Robert Tanner never did anything to be noticed in any particular way. The closer he came to the action he was to take, the more his awareness of it seemed to desert him, as if under the effect of some inner oppression. The tragedy took place during the night of Sunday to Monday. Tanner killed his wife and then Benny, his young son.


Director: Percy Adlon
Screenplay: Percy Adlon; Eleonore Adlon
Director of Photography: Bernd Heinl
Cast: Marianne Sägebrecht; Jack Palance; CCH Pounder; Christine Kaufmann
Country, Year of production:
D; USA, 1987
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Drama

Bagdad Cafe - Driving through the Mojave Desert somewhere between Las Vegas and Disneyland, a middle aged German tourist couple has a spat... and the wife, Jasmin, strikes out on her own. Trudging down the highway pulling along a large suitcase, she is so unlikely a sight that Brenda, the irascible proprietor of the Bagdad Cafe where Jasmin stops, is instantly suspicious. So begins a hilarious and touching account of the relationship that develops between these two women of different cultures. It also offers a renewed, endearingly quirky vision of America as a land with room for self discovery and individuality. Progressing from bleak reality to Utopian fantasy, BAGDAD CAFE offers the flip side to one other German film directed in America, PARIS TEXAS. But Adlon celebrates the ...


Director: Ottokar Runze
Screenplay: Herbert Asmodi
Director of Photography: Michael Epp
Cast: Simon Ward; Siegfried Rauch; Viktor Staal; Veronica Forqué
Country, Year of production:
D; E; A, 1976
Color: Color
Genre: War; Drama

Towards the end of 1918 soldiers in the Austrian Army know, things are not going well. An army cadet arrives in Belgrad and receives the order to serve in a regiment which is accompanying a Hannoverian princess on her return to Vienna. His superior officers are oblivious to the simple fact, that the slavs who have been drafted into the army are not willingly to fight very hard and as a consequence, they suffer serious defeats. After the dead of the officers he is entrusted with the task of returning the regiments battleflag to the Habsburg royal family.

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