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Director: Peter F. Bringmann
Screenplay: Christoph Mattner
Director of Photography: Frank Brühne
Cast: Heiner Lauterbach; Dietmar Schönherr; Deborah Lacey; Julien Guiomar
Country, Year of production:
D; F, 1989
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Crime; Action; Adventure

Peter Bechtle, a German timber expert, is the new manager of a lumber mill in Ghana. He finds a run-down mill, dangerous for the workers and unprofitable for its owners, industrialist Brasser and the exotic Victoria. But after a while Bechtle begins to understand what's going on and why his predecessor was killed. Precious mahagoni is declared as cheap timber and smuggled to Europe at enormous profit. Bechtle has to stop this and enters into a fight against an obscure web of smugglers, corruption and violence. A gripping eco thriller about the exploitation of the Third World.


Director: Jerzy Hoffman
Screenplay: Jan Purzycki
Director of Photography: Jerzy Goscik
Cast: Sharon Brauner; Mathieu Carrière; Anna Dymna; Günter Lamprecht
Country, Year of production:
D; PL, 1983
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

As the systematic extermination of the Jews in Poland rages in 1943, a thirteen-year-old girl escapes. All alone and in constant fear of being captured, with nothing to eat, she makes her way across Poland, hounded by the German occupation forces. She finds help, is betrayed, and escapes again. She finally makes it to the Warsaw ghetto where her grandparents live. But after the suppression of the uprising there she is forced to flee again.


Director: Esther Gronenborn
Screenplay: Esther Gronenborn
Director of Photography: Jan Fehse
Cast: Jana Pallaske; Frank Droese; Toni Blume; Axel Prahl
Country, Year of production:
D, 2000
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Berlin in the suburbs. An atmosphere of violence and boredom, buildings made from prefabricated slabs? The youth of this area is gathering in different groups and in the local youth club. Violence is the daily business. There begins the love story between Sabine and Eddie who first have to fight against all odds before really getting the chance to live like they want to. The plot centres on 16-year-old Sabine (Palleske), who meets Eddie (Droese) when she's looking for her father's apartment amongst endless blocks of flats. He reluctantly helps her, then is pleasantly surprised to find her in school the next day.


Director: Alfred Vohrer
Screenplay: Johanna Sibelius; Eberhard Keindorff
Director of Photography: Karl Löb
Cast: Pierre Brice; Götz George; Stewart Granger; Terence Hill; Sieghardt Rupp
Country, Year of production:
D; F; YU; I, 1964
Color: Color
Genre: Action; Western; Adventure

White settlers are attacked and murdered by the notorious "Vulture Gang" in Llano Estacado, a border area to New Mexico and Texas. The blame is put on the Indians of Shoshone tribe. The experienced trapper Old Surehand and Apache Chief Winnetou take up the fight and put to the criminals - despite numerous intrigues - behind bars.


Director: Peter Fratzscher
Screenplay: Josef Ebner; Micki Knox; Gerd Haenel
Director of Photography: Bernd Heinl
Cast: Franco Nero; Ingrid Steeger; Dolores Schmidinger; Maja Maranow
Country, Year of production:
D, 1984
Color: Color
Genre: Action; Comedy

A stunt man permanently tries to conquer the heart of a few women to get the money together for his karate school. But he ends up confused because the ladies unite and all confess their love towards him. He must take a decision and flees to the beach...


Director: Thomas Brasch
Screenplay: Thomas Brasch
Director of Photography: Walter Lassally
Cast: Hilmar Thate; Katharina Thalbach; Ulrich Wesselmann; Karin Baal
Country, Year of production:
D, 1981
Color: black/white
Genre: Drama; Crime; History; War

Berlin, 1948/1949. The town is divided into two sectors. The world is close to World War III. West Berlin is kept alive by the biggest airlift in history. While the city is deadlocked, three teenagers set out to fulfil their dreams: Völpel (Hilmar Thate), ex-executioner, receives secret information from Police Headquarters. Gladow (Ulrich Wesselmann), 17 years old, wants to be like Al Capone. Lisa Gabler (Katharina Thalbach) dreams of buying Berlins biggest revue venue the 'Friedrichstadt Palast.' But suddenly, the droning of the airplanes ceases? Based on a true story from the times of the 'Berlin Blockade.'


Director: Agnieszka Holland
Screenplay: Agnieszka Holland; Paul Hengge
Director of Photography: Jozef Ort-Snep
Cast: Käte Jaenicke; Armin Mueller-Stahl; Kurt Raab; Elisabeth Trissenaar
Country, Year of production:
D, 1985
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Romance; War

Armin Mueller-Stahl stars as a simple but sly Polish farmer living under the Nazi occupation in 1943. He takes in a starving but attractive Jewish woman on the run. He cares for her but it does not take long before his baser instincts prevail and he begins to ruthlessly take advantage of her situation to gratify his needs and desires - with deadly results. This fascinating and subtle character study about political opportunism and personal scruples by Agnieszka Holland was nominated for an Oscar. Dazzling performances


Director: Hugo Fregonese
Screenplay: Ladislas Fodor; Robert A. Stemmle
Director of Photography: Siegfried Hold
Cast: Lex Barker; Pierre Brice; Daliah Lavi; Guy Madison; Ralf Wolter
Country, Year of production:
D; F; I; YU, 1963-1964
Color: Color
Genre: Western; Adventure

In order to prevent a peace treaty from returning valuable grazing land to the Apaches, settlers stage ambushes to pin the blame on Chief Winnetou's tribe. He and Old Shatterhand set out to find the real culprits. The trail of deception leads the two men to the fort of the U.S. Cavalry. The settlers, it turns out, aren't the only ones who want to sabotage the peace treaty. When Old Shatterhand is thrown into the stockade by Bradley, a commanding officer, Winnetou goes on the war path to save his blood brother.


Director: Helma Sanders-Brahms
Screenplay: Helma Sanders-Brahms
Director of Photography: Jürgen Lenz
Cast: Johanna Schall; Thomas Büchel; Udo Kroschwald; Anna Sanders
Country, Year of production:
D, 1991
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

The south of Berlin, when the GDR still existed. Thousands of apple trees as far as the eye can see. Here, Lena and Heinz meet in the course of their work. A great and passionate love begins. But Sienke is here, too. As lord over the trees and the people who live from them, he has his eyes on Lena. He desires her and she submits. A drama ensues that will go on until the fall of the Berlin wall.

ARDIENTE PACIENCIA (original title)

Director: Antonio Skarmeta
Screenplay: Antonio Skarmeta
Director of Photography: Joao Abel Aboim
Cast: Roberto Parada; Oscar Castro; Marcela Osorio; Naldy Hernandez; Antonio Skarmeta; Miguel Viqueira
Country, Year of production:
D; P; RCH, 1983
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Romance

The friendship between the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and his postman as a mirror of Chilean history during the time of the Union Popular and the military coup in 1973. This very humorous and poetical film, based on the book of Antonio Skármeta, gives a hopeful look back on the days before the military dictatorship in Chile.

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