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Director: Peter Timm
Screenplay: Detlef Michel
Director of Photography: Fritz Seemann
Cast: Heinz Hoenig; Suzanne von Borsody; Dominique Horwitz; Siegfried Kernen; Gert Haucke
Country, Year of production:
D, 1988
Color: Color
Genre: Crime; Comedy

A young man from a wealthy family robs a bank and flees with two hostages that imposed themselves to do so and who finally want to share the loot with him. But if this weren´t enough appears a commissioner who has the same idea... and that is only the beginning of this really funny story.


Director: Max Willutzki
Screenplay: Max Willutzki; Martin Buchholz
Director of Photography: Mario Masini
Cast: Ernst Hannawald; Ursela Monn; Manfred Krug; Tommi Piper
Country, Year of production:
D, 1978
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

A film whose subject mainly appeals to a young audience - authentic and made with a superb sense of humor by a young director. At the centre of the film is a group of 16-18 years olds from Kreuzberg - a very typical part of Berlin. Their interests are rock music and motorbikes. They long for independence and adventure, but run the risk of drifting into criminality, alcoholism or drug taking.


Director: Staffan Lamm
Screenplay: Staffan Lamm; Lars Forssell
Director of Photography: Thomas Mauch
Cast: Max von Sydow; Mai Zetterling; Carl Svensson; Marika Lagercrantz
Country, Year of production:
S, 1993
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Ten year old Göran lives with his grandfather, a jewish literature professor. Their distant relationship is suddenly disturbed, when his grandfather falls ill and Göran finds himself responsible for his well being. This brings them closer together and helps Göran to deal with the self imposed isolation he has been in since his parents separation.


Director: Daniel Diaz Torres
Screenplay: Daniel Diaz Torres; Eduardo del Llano
Director of Photography: Raul Perez Ureta
Cast: Peter Lohmeyer; Enrique Molina; Coralia Velos; Vetty de la Iglesia
Country, Year of production:
C; D; E, 2000
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Crime

A jewel thief, disguised as a Swedish literature professor on vacation in Cuba, is masterminding a daring robbery. Before he can get if off the ground, he ends up falling for the daughter of a retired police officer and before he knows it , he is treated just like one of the family. The phoney Swede even has to fake a lecture on Pippi Longstocking so that he doesn't blow his cover before ultimately committing the near-perfect crime.


Director: Paris Kosmidis
Screenplay: Paris Kosmidis
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Dickmann
Cast: Michael König; Ingo Hülsmann; Peter Roggisch; Anneliese Römer; Christine Ostermayer
Country, Year of production:
D, 1987
Color: Color
Genre: Crime; Drama

A disillusioned police officer is looking after a rent boy and with that gives his own existence a new meaning. But taking over the role of a father he is coming into conflict with the law...


Director: Jörg Foth
Screenplay: Hans-Eckardt Wenzel; Steffen Mensching
Director of Photography: Thomas Plenert
Cast: Steffen Mensching; Hans-Eckardt Wenzel; Irm Hermann; Täve Schur; André Hennicke
Country, Year of production:
DDR, 1989-1990
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy

The two clowns Meh und Weh are sitting in a prison cell that seems to be like home to them... Adaptation of the cabaret programme of the famous Duo from the former GDR with a lot of references to German history in the 80s.


Director: Rolf Silber
Screenplay: Rolf Silber
Director of Photography: Marian Czura
Cast: Christoph M. Ohrt; Britta Pohland; Tilo Prückner; Kai Fischer
Country, Year of production:
D, 1982
Color: Color
Genre: Romance; Comedy

A comedy about love and money - and how easy it is in life to count wrong. Erich Bauermann´s world is in order. He is a goodlooking young man in his early twenties, wears fashionable suits, his Cartier lighter fits smoothly in the palm of his hand - and then he meets Franzi. A glamorous young girl who fascinates and confuses him from first sight.


Director: Andreas Kleinert
Screenplay: Andreas Kleinert
Director of Photography: Sebastian Richter
Cast: Roland Schäfer; Leo Wittrien; Frank Stieren; Friederike Kammer
Country, Year of production:
D, 1992
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Drama

The story of a West German politician who sees his parents again in the territory of the former GDR for the first time after thirty years and relives the suppressed "drama" of his childhood during the encounter.


Director: Kai Wessel
Screenplay: Beate Langmaack
Director of Photography: Achim Poulheim
Cast: Heidemarie Hatheyer; Dominique Horwitz; Angelika Thomas; Ulrich Matschoss
Country, Year of production:
D, 1988
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

An elderly woman lives a lonely life in her appartment. Her only companion is Chico, her little dog. She is so crippled with arthritis that she is a shut-in and must have her food and supplies brought to her by a delivery boy. When she learns, that one of the boy´s other customers bears the same name as her estranged half-brother, the woman becomes obsessed with finding out if it is really him. She is totally surprised at what her investigation reveals.


Director: Thomas Frydetzki
Screenplay: Eckehard Theophil
Director of Photography: Dany Schelby; Jens Harant
Cast: Willi Gerk; Toni Krahl; Sebastian Krumbiegel; Kai - Michael Müller
Country, Year of production:
D, 2005
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Satire; Action

The underage brothers Max and Moritz enjoying their life of petty crime and vandalism in Hamburg. Their mother, completely over charged with their upbringing has given up on them already.After stealing and crashing the car of one of Hamburg?s Senators ? with his daughter in it ? the two scoundrels are send to an East German boot camp. This camp is run by two former East German officers still believing in communist education.And this is just the begin of chaos and a real clash of civilisations. An anarchistic, politically incorrect, black comedy.

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