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Director: Richard Blank
Screenplay: Richard Blank; Otto Grünmandl
Director of Photography: Vlada Majic
Cast: Rosel Zech; Otto Grünmandl; Tilo Prückner; Hannelore Schroth
Country, Year of production:
D, 1986
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy

A pensioner willing to marry decides to find the woman of his life through her cooking skill. After a variety of meals and women he finally finds the one: the cook of his canteen.


Director: Jörg Graser
Screenplay: Jörg Graser
Director of Photography: Henning Stegmüller
Cast: Hanna Schygulla; Günther Maria Halmer; Daniela Schötz; Otto Tausig
Country, Year of production:
D, 1989
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Drama; Heimatfilm

Nobody has an idea why Hunziger and the beer truck driver Karl set out an a journey to Poland. Their destination is Auschwitz. Hunziger has been there before - 45 years ago, when he was a concentration camp guard. At that time he had buried a wooden chest in an area of woodland containing the gold teeth he had broken out of the skulls of the dead. And Karl is not aware that his own mother was a victim of the gas chambers...


Director: Margit Czenki
Screenplay: Margit Czenki
Director of Photography: Hille Sagel
Cast: Pola Kinski; Therese Affolter; Gerlinde Eger; Marianne Rosenberg
Country, Year of production:
D, 1987
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Barbara has just been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for bank robbery. She spends two years in solitary confinement and is often subject to fits of rage, refusing all the while to submit to the rules. Yet there are hitches which will allow Barbara to emerge from her isolation and come into secret contact with Irmi and Micha... A complex mosaic about prison life and its conditions.


Director: Peer Raben
Screenplay: Peer Raben; Martin Sperr
Director of Photography: Michael Ballhaus
Cast: Ruth Drexel; Monica Bleibtreu; Ursula Strätz; Peter Kern; Rosemarie Fendel; Harry Baer
Country, Year of production:
D, 1972
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Comedy; Biography; History

Bavaria, 1869 the time of Ludwig II, creator of Neuschwanstein. Adele Spitzeder and her friend and her chamber maid move form the countryside to Munich. Adele Spitzeder is a clever, vivacious, and tough woman. Within no time, lies, fraud, rustic charm and outright impertinence make her a feared competitor to the old Bavarian Banks. The masses who entrust her with their savings for incredible interest rates love her, the rich envy her, but she ends up poorer than those she defrauded, is sent to prison and becomes dependant on her friends and creditors.


Director: Jerzy Hoffman
Screenplay: Jan Purzycki
Director of Photography: Jerzy Goscik
Cast: Sharon Brauner; Mathieu Carrière; Anna Dymna; Günter Lamprecht
Country, Year of production:
D; PL, 1983
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

As the systematic extermination of the Jews in Poland rages in 1943, a thirteen-year-old girl escapes. All alone and in constant fear of being captured, with nothing to eat, she makes her way across Poland, hounded by the German occupation forces. She finds help, is betrayed, and escapes again. She finally makes it to the Warsaw ghetto where her grandparents live. But after the suppression of the uprising there she is forced to flee again.


Director: Esther Gronenborn
Screenplay: Esther Gronenborn
Director of Photography: Jan Fehse
Cast: Jana Pallaske; Frank Droese; Toni Blume; Axel Prahl
Country, Year of production:
D, 2000
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Berlin in the suburbs. An atmosphere of violence and boredom, buildings made from prefabricated slabs? The youth of this area is gathering in different groups and in the local youth club. Violence is the daily business. There begins the love story between Sabine and Eddie who first have to fight against all odds before really getting the chance to live like they want to. The plot centres on 16-year-old Sabine (Palleske), who meets Eddie (Droese) when she's looking for her father's apartment amongst endless blocks of flats. He reluctantly helps her, then is pleasantly surprised to find her in school the next day.


Director: Agnieszka Holland
Screenplay: Agnieszka Holland; Paul Hengge
Director of Photography: Jozef Ort-Snep
Cast: Käte Jaenicke; Armin Mueller-Stahl; Kurt Raab; Elisabeth Trissenaar
Country, Year of production:
D, 1985
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Romance; War

Armin Mueller-Stahl stars as a simple but sly Polish farmer living under the Nazi occupation in 1943. He takes in a starving but attractive Jewish woman on the run. He cares for her but it does not take long before his baser instincts prevail and he begins to ruthlessly take advantage of her situation to gratify his needs and desires - with deadly results. This fascinating and subtle character study about political opportunism and personal scruples by Agnieszka Holland was nominated for an Oscar. Dazzling performances


Director: Reinhard Münster
Screenplay: Reinhard Münster; Pamela Katz
Director of Photography: Axel Block
Cast: Katharina Thalbach; Harald Juhnke; Christiane Hörbiger; Detlev Buck; Udo Samel
Country, Year of production:
D, 1994
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Satire

A clever German Screwball Comedy with a terrific speed, sharp-tongued dialogues and an eccentric staff. A hopeful starlet, put aside from the director because of another woman, beguiles the producer of the film and causes a terrible mess in the whole team.


Director: Ralph Habib
Screenplay: Pierre Lévy; Hans Nicklisch; Jean Lévitte
Director of Photography: Georg Krause
Cast: Dawn Adams; Gino Cervi; Werner Hinz; Peter van Eyck
Country, Year of production:
D; F; I, 1959
Color: black/white
Genre: Thriller

In 1940, the members of the German military staff try to prevent the escalation of World War Two. To achieve this, a secret courier, the journalist Golder (Peter van Eyck), is supposed to make contact with the Vatican. When the Nazi leaders learn of this plan, they send a party-loyal female agent to spy on Golder. Political thriller with a star-studded cast.


Director: Bernd Schadewald
Screenplay: Bernd Schadewald
Director of Photography: Ingo Hamer
Cast: Muriel Baumeister; Benno Fürmann; Christian Standke; Jürgen Vogel
Country, Year of production:
D, 1992
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Comedy

The longings, disappointments and hopes of some teenagers in the summer of 1963 in a small German town. Two friends have finished their apprenticeship and are in love with the same girl. While the more showy of them is conquering the girl, the quieter feels deeply disappointed. Finally, long concealed conflicts break out when the girl gets pregnant...

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