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Director: Margit Czenki
Screenplay: Margit Czenki
Director of Photography: Hille Sagel
Cast: Pola Kinski; Therese Affolter; Gerlinde Eger; Marianne Rosenberg
Country, Year of production:
D, 1987
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Barbara has just been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for bank robbery. She spends two years in solitary confinement and is often subject to fits of rage, refusing all the while to submit to the rules. Yet there are hitches which will allow Barbara to emerge from her isolation and come into secret contact with Irmi and Micha... A complex mosaic about prison life and its conditions.


Director: Esther Gronenborn
Screenplay: Esther Gronenborn
Director of Photography: Jan Fehse
Cast: Jana Pallaske; Frank Droese; Toni Blume; Axel Prahl
Country, Year of production:
D, 2000
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Berlin in the suburbs. An atmosphere of violence and boredom, buildings made from prefabricated slabs? The youth of this area is gathering in different groups and in the local youth club. Violence is the daily business. There begins the love story between Sabine and Eddie who first have to fight against all odds before really getting the chance to live like they want to. The plot centres on 16-year-old Sabine (Palleske), who meets Eddie (Droese) when she's looking for her father's apartment amongst endless blocks of flats. He reluctantly helps her, then is pleasantly surprised to find her in school the next day.


Director: Bernd Schadewald
Screenplay: Bernd Schadewald
Director of Photography: Ingo Hamer
Cast: Muriel Baumeister; Benno Fürmann; Christian Standke; Jürgen Vogel
Country, Year of production:
D, 1992
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Comedy

The longings, disappointments and hopes of some teenagers in the summer of 1963 in a small German town. Two friends have finished their apprenticeship and are in love with the same girl. While the more showy of them is conquering the girl, the quieter feels deeply disappointed. Finally, long concealed conflicts break out when the girl gets pregnant...


Director: Rolf Gmöhling
Screenplay: Rolf Gmöhling
Director of Photography: Uli Koehler; Claus Deubel
Cast: Rudolf Schwarz; Peter Schlesinger; Karl-Heinz Grewe; Siegfried Zimmerschied
Country, Year of production:
D, 1983
Color: Color
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Drama; Comedy

Somewhere in the future: In search of a job, Arno turns to the employment exchange, where he is pressed to accept "work-shy benefit" and give up his search for employment. But Arno rejects this suggestion and insists on his right to a job. He is taken on by "Freddersen´s Fireworks Fabrication", where the attitude to work is catastrophic, however. Arno alone dedicates himself to his work...


Director: Jakob Hilpert
Screenplay: Paul Mollenhauer; Jakob Hilpert
Director of Photography: Sebastian Edschmid
Cast: Cornelius Schwalm; Jacob Matschenz; Matthias Zelic; Sabine Kraus
Country, Year of production:
D, 2001
Color: Color
Genre: Road Movie; Comedy

Paul, a man who is constantly looking for new ways of life, lives in a garage in an industrial zone. He does not see his son Niki too often since his wife went away. One day, during the visit weekend, Paul and his son organise a go-cart to go for a ride and finally enjoy it so much that they want to participate in races. But they neglect the fact that they are just not skilled and Paul is stubborn?


Director: Christoph Kuehn
Screenplay: Carlo Meier; Christoph Kuehn
Director of Photography: Peter Indergand
Cast: Barbara Auer; Tobias Langhoff; Christian Redl
Country, Year of production:
CH; D; A, 1997
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Experiments have been made in closed, absolutely darkened rooms; but how will a young healthy man react deep down in a stalactite cave? A perfect topic for a daily reality TV show hosted by an eager, young and attractive woman journalist who will bring a little light into the man´s darkness from time to time. But the young man does not like the idea - on the other hand, the show will pay half of the costs...


Director: Maria Knilli
Screenplay: Maria Knilli; Wolfram Paulus
Director of Photography: Klaus Eichhammer
Cast: Ulrich Reinthaller; Hans Brenner; Krista Stadler; Elisabeth Prohaska
Country, Year of production:
D; A, 1985
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Karl is the only son of a petty bourgeois family in an Austrian small town. The boy is expected to become something better: physician. For that he first has to pass the matriculation, and then go to university. The parents´ ambition and love combine to be a prison filled with anxiety, keeping the maturing boy isolated from the world outside until one day he gets to know "freedom" by loving a girl...


Director: Reinhard Münster
Screenplay: Reinhard Münster
Director of Photography: Martin Theo Krieger
Cast: Uwe Schwalbe; Dominik Bender; Adriana Altaras; Uwe Büschken
Country, Year of production:
D, 1983
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Road Movie; Comedy

"Dorado" tells three stories in one: the story of jealousy, the adventure and the melodramatic story. Rolf loves Rita; Rita loves Rolf; but Rita is expecting a child from Frank, and Rolf is resentful. Lukas is a promising film maker, but does not have the best of luck, for Rita is his leading actress and suddenly disappears? An ironical description of Berlin´s alternative scene.


Director: Lars Kraume
Screenplay: Lars Kraume
Director of Photography: Andreas Doub
Cast: Florian Lukas; Oliver Korittke; Sebastian Blomberg; Vadim Glowna
Country, Year of production:
D, 1998
Color: Color
Genre: Road Movie; Crime

The Dunckels are three brothers who accidently killed two policemen in a failed bank robbery. After that they have to flee from Berlin to Poland but every one on his own... The film shows three different episodes of the flight of these so different family members. Each story a portrait that altogether form the picture of a wrecked family.


Director: Ernst August Zurborn
Screenplay: Ernst August Zurborn
Director of Photography: Thomas Mauch
Cast: Anke Sevenich; Sven Wollter; Hannelore Elsner; Klaus Behrendt
Country, Year of production:
D, 1986
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Road Movie; Crime

Charlotte, a young woman, decides to go to Marseille. Heinrich, who is in his early fifties, stops to give her a lift in his Jaguar. On the way they pay a brief visit to Heinrich´s friend Paul and his wife. Charlotte senses that the two men are bound to each other by some secret. Some hours later the car hits the pier of a bridge. Heinrich is dead. Charlotte continues to follow the trail of the secret...

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