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Director: Richard Blank
Screenplay: Richard Blank; Otto Grünmandl
Director of Photography: Vlada Majic
Cast: Rosel Zech; Otto Grünmandl; Tilo Prückner; Hannelore Schroth
Country, Year of production:
D, 1986
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy

A pensioner willing to marry decides to find the woman of his life through her cooking skill. After a variety of meals and women he finally finds the one: the cook of his canteen.


Director: Peer Raben
Screenplay: Peer Raben; Martin Sperr
Director of Photography: Michael Ballhaus
Cast: Ruth Drexel; Monica Bleibtreu; Ursula Strätz; Peter Kern; Rosemarie Fendel; Harry Baer
Country, Year of production:
D, 1972
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Comedy; Biography; History

Bavaria, 1869 the time of Ludwig II, creator of Neuschwanstein. Adele Spitzeder and her friend and her chamber maid move form the countryside to Munich. Adele Spitzeder is a clever, vivacious, and tough woman. Within no time, lies, fraud, rustic charm and outright impertinence make her a feared competitor to the old Bavarian Banks. The masses who entrust her with their savings for incredible interest rates love her, the rich envy her, but she ends up poorer than those she defrauded, is sent to prison and becomes dependant on her friends and creditors.


Director: Reinhard Münster
Screenplay: Reinhard Münster; Pamela Katz
Director of Photography: Axel Block
Cast: Katharina Thalbach; Harald Juhnke; Christiane Hörbiger; Detlev Buck; Udo Samel
Country, Year of production:
D, 1994
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Satire

A clever German Screwball Comedy with a terrific speed, sharp-tongued dialogues and an eccentric staff. A hopeful starlet, put aside from the director because of another woman, beguiles the producer of the film and causes a terrible mess in the whole team.


Director: Nikos Perakis
Screenplay: Joe Hembus; Uli Greiwe; Nikos Perakis
Director of Photography: Dietrich Lohmann
Cast: Mario Adorf; Hark Bohm; Tilo Prückner; Hannelore Schroth; Kurt Sowinetz; Otto Tausig; Barbara Valentin; Margot Werner
Country, Year of production:
D; A, 1976
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy; Crime

The two third-rate gangsters Bomber and Paganini are in trouble: both of them have become invalids during an unsuccessful bank robbery attempt. One of them blind, the other paralysed, they are now dependent on each other for help. And just like any other decent crooks, they start to plan their next big heist together - which of course ends chaotically. Wonderfully hilarious Mario Adorf and Tilo Prückner shine in the leading roles in this comedy.


Director: Josef von Baky
Screenplay: Robert A. Stemmle
Director of Photography: Göran Strindberg
Cast: Hardy Krüger; Elisabeth Müller; Hans Nielsen; Siegfried Lowitz
Country, Year of production:
D, 1958
Color: black/white
Genre: Drama; Crime

An assistant doctor (Hardy Krüger) is charged with the murder of his lover on the basis of circumstantial evidence. Only his allegedly betrayed wife sticks by him. Finally, due to a coincidence, the real murderer is apprehended and he can leave the courtroom a free man. Based on a true court case which took place in the 1950s.

Cruise Missile [CRUISE MISSILE]

Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Screenplay: Elio Romano; Clark Reynolds
Director of Photography: Claudio Catazzo
Cast: Peter Graves; Curd Jürgens; Karin Schubert; John Carradine
Country, Year of production:
D; E; IR; USA; I, 1979
Color: Color
Genre: Action; Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Thriller

An international businessman, known as the Baron has obtained a Soviet nuclear missile with which he attends an international conference being held in the Persian Gulf. He can only be stopped through the joined forces of American and Soviet secreet services at the last minute.


Director: Gerd Oswald
Screenplay: Heinz Oskar Wuttig; Gerd Oswald; Will Berthold
Director of Photography: Karl Löb
Cast: Mario Adorf; Corny Collins; Gert Fröbe; Christian Wolff
Country, Year of production:
D, 1959
Color: black/white
Genre: Crime

Werner (Mario Adorf), the leader of the motorcycle gang "The Panthers" has been terrorizing Berlin for weeks now. He orders the young members of the gang to rob wallets and cars, beat up pedestrians and blackmail people. And it's all just for fun: It keeps life interesting, too... Robert (Christian Wolff), who has up until now been a loyal fan of cocky Werner, has met and fallen in love with Inge and wants to begin a new life with her. He wants to put an end to his gang membership and drop out of the scene. But Werner doesn't let Robert off the hook that easily, he still has another big coup that he needs to wrap up. When Robert betrays him, a fateful deed ensues. With "Am Tag als der Regen kam", Gerd Oswald has staged a thrilling juvenile drama with a radical and formally stringent ...


Director: Jeanine Meerapfel
Screenplay: Jeanine Meerapfel
Director of Photography: Predrag Popovic
Cast: Barbara Sukowa; Horst-Günter Marx; Velimir-Bata Zivojinovic; Rade Serbedzija
Country, Year of production:
D; YU, 1987
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Romance

The Yugoslavian daughter of an immigrant worker who made a career as TV-journalist in Germany, falls in love with a German composer who searches for his father´s Nazi-past in Yugoslavia. The relationship abruptly comes to an end through a deadly accident. A good analysis of sex roles, the search for one´s home and of getting over the past - worth a discussion.


Director: Leonard Steckel
Screenplay: Jacques Companéez
Director of Photography: Igor Oberberg
Cast: Winnie Markus; Curd Jürgens; Bernhard Wicki; Paul Hörbiger
Country, Year of production:
D, 1955
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Melodramatic story of a marriage: Since twenty years, Elisabeth, the wife of the cavalry captain Gert von Breithagen, has not told her husband that their daughter has another father. Suddenly, the romantic love of her youth steps back into her life and Elisabeth is tempted to throw all family responsibilities over board. Ultimately, she stays with her husband for the sake of the daughter. Years later, however, she finds out that the cavalry captain is betraying her. Her whole life seems to be in question... 50s melodrama featuring a fantastic cast.


Director: Reinhard Münster
Screenplay: Reinhard Münster
Director of Photography: Axel Block
Cast: Katharina Thalbach; Hans Christian Blech; Hannelore Elsner; Heinz Hoenig
Country, Year of production:
D, 1990
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Crime; Sci-Fi / Fantasy

A committed journalist investigates the supposed suicide of a scientist against all resistance and under danger for her life. She comes across a criminal genetic manipulation and gets into nearly unfathomable interrelations between scientific, economic and political interests? An ambitious thriller, made as a vision of human hybris.

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