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Director: Rudolf Thome
Screenplay: Rudolf Thome; Jochen Brunow
Director of Photography: Martin Schäfer
Cast: Sabine Bach; Jochen Brunow; Gisela Freudenberg; Wolfgang Kinder; Alexander Malkowsky; Hanns Zischler
Country, Year of production:
D, 1980
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Comedy; Romance

Anna (Sabine Bach) meets Martin (Hanns Zischler) on the Chamisso Square. He is an architect and has been commissioned to carry out a restructuring program for this neighborhood. Anna, who lives in the neighborhood, interviews him with a video camera. Martin gives her his card. At the meeting of the tenants' association, the topic of restructuring is discussed. Anna visits Martin in his office to attain further information. Later, they meet up in a restaurant. Martin is forty-three, Anna is twenty-four. Martin is charmed. The next time that he is unsuccessful in reaching her on the telephone, he sleeps in his car in front of her building. One night, he climbs up on the roof of the neighbor's house in an adventurous attempt to declare his love for her. And when he sits down at the piano to ...


Director: Alf Brustellin; Bernhard Sinkel
Screenplay: Alf Brustellin; Monika Grube; Bernhard Sinkel
Director of Photography: Dietrich Lohmann
Cast: Martin Benrath; Peter Ehrlich; Hannelore Elsner; Tilo Prückner
Country, Year of production:
D, 1975
Color: Color
Genre: Adventure; Drama; Biography

A tale of tow men: Lukas Berlinger, scientist, adventurer and industrialist and Johannes Roeder his school friend. Both fall in love with the same woman and both survive the Nazi era, but their lives and morals take diametrically opposed turns. Berlinger smuggles persecuted people to Switzerland, Roeder joins the Nazi party. After the war, during Germany's economic rise, Berlinger rejoins his family's chemical company, but Roeder, now a real estate tycoon, claims the plant?

BILLY WILDER SPEAKS (original title)

Director: Gisela Grischow; Volker Schlöndorff
Screenplay: Volker Schlöndorff
Director of Photography: Bodo Kessler
Cast: Billy Wilder; Volker Schlöndorff; Hellmuth Karasek
Country, Year of production:
D; USA, 2006
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Documentary

Illustrated with film clips, rare photographs and artwork, Billy Wilder Speaks is a lively lesson in filmmaking, from one of its undisputed masters. In a series of filmed interviews conducted by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff (The Tin Drum), acclaimed writer / director Wilder (Sunset Blvd., Some Like It Hot) recounts the achievements and pitfalls of his 60-year career.


Director: Reinhard Hauff
Screenplay: Reinhard Hauff; Dorothee Schön
Director of Photography: Hector Morini; Jaroslav Kucera
Cast: Alex Benn; Julio de Grazia; Götz George; Emilia Mazer; Alberto Segado; Miguel Angel Sola
Country, Year of production:
D; RA, 1989
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Thriller

BLUE-EYED is the story of Johann Neudorf, whose real name is actually Hanus Novak, and who was only able to escape the Nazi terror as a child in Czechoslovakia in a forced adoption by German parents. After the war, he emigrates to Argentina. There, under his German name, he becomes a successful businessman with the best contacts to the trade industry and the military. He chooses to ignore the terror of the military junta in the late seventies, until one day his own daughter is kidnapped and murdered shortly thereafter. Just before her death, she gave birth to a child, the whereabouts of which are unknown. While Johann begins to search for the baby, he has become a subversive in the eyes of the military. He is taken prisoner, tortured and ultimately released with the help of old ...


Director: Hans W. Geissendörfer
Screenplay: Irene Fischer; Dorothee Schön
Director of Photography: Hans Günther Bücking
Cast: Jürgen Vogel; Jan Plewka; Lambert Hamel; Katja Studt
Country, Year of production:
D, 1989
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Crime; Drama; Romance

16-year-old Evi is an anti nuclear energy activist. Four days before the elections she runs into Mr. Reindl, a lobbyist for nuclear energy. Together with her friends Pit and Bond she kidnaps and tries to re-educate him in captivity. Yet, Reindl remains unconvinced and turns his abduction into a personal success he gains the absolute majority in his constituency. After his release Reindl plans a media campaign, but Bond can spoil his triumph?. A captivating political thriller for teenagers by the creator of Germany's most famous soap 'Lindenstrasse.'


Director: Reinhard Hauff
Screenplay: Burkhard Driest
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Peter Hassenstein
Cast: Charles Brauer; Burkhard Driest; Eike Gallwitz; Jürgen Prochnow; Tilo Prückner; Kurt Raab; Franz Josef Steffens
Country, Year of production:
D, 1974
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Crime

Franz Blum, employee at an insurance agency, has robbed a bank and lands in jail for 5 years. During his imprisonment, he experiences a hierarchy that is far worse than any social constraints on the outside. The rule within the prison walls is held by the strong, and they force their way on the weaker ones with violent brutality, making them dependent on them as well. Wielding the most power in the prison, is a certain Kuul, a rough bully who tolerates no competition whatsoever. It doesn't take long before Blum is confronted with Kuul's chicaneries. Kuul reserves his worst treatment for Bielich, a weak man with a heart condition to whom the repressive, hierarchical prison system is quite obvious, but who is not able to cope with Kuul. Since Blum has helped Bielich, he also gets pressured. ...


Director: Alexander Kluge; Volker Schlöndorff; Alexander von Eschwege; Stefan Aust
Screenplay: Stefan Aust; Alexander von Eschwege; Volker Schlöndorff; Alexander Kluge
Director of Photography: Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein; Werner Lüring; Thomas Mauch; Igor Luther; Bodo Kessler
Cast: Wolf Biermann; Edmund Stoiber; Franz Josef Strauß
Country, Year of production:
D, 1980
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Documentary

Made with an eye to "Germany in Autumn", 1980, when the parliamentary elections take place, the motion picture, "The Candidate", examines Germany's history past and present and the man who, as CDU/CSU candidate, hopes to be elected to the most important in the land, Franz Josef Strauß. In this elaborate documentary, a cooperative venture by four German directors (Stefan Aust, Alexander Kluge, Alexander von Eschwege and Volker Schlöndorff) both CSU politician Strauß's past performance and his activities on the political stage are examined and placed in the appropriate frame of reference by committed film auteurs. A contribution to the discussions in this election year, with information that will most likely not be shown on television. A film which, even after the election is past history, ...


Director: Norbert Kückelmann
Screenplay: Norbert Kückelmann; Michael Juncker; Dagmar Kekule
Director of Photography: Frank Brühne
Cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl; Claudia Messner; Rolf Zacher; Hans-Michael Rehberg
Country, Year of production:
D, 1988
Color: Color
Genre: Crime; Comedy

Maxwell (Armin Müller-Stahl), gourmet and tramp, Wally luckless actress and Harry (Rolf Zacher) a shifty film producer found the charity "Little lucky idea." The three became entangled with the Tattenbach Concern which has just lost a list of devious donations and turns out to be a much bigger fraud than they could ever conceive. Together with revenue investigator Liebkind they stop Tattenbach's scam. A political comedy skilfully interweaving fiction and real political scandals.

CELESTE (original title)

Director: Percy Adlon
Screenplay: Percy Adlon
Director of Photography: Jürgen Martin
Cast: Eva Mattes; Jürgen Arndt; Norbert Wartha; Wolf Euba
Country, Year of production:
D, 1980
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Biography

From 1912 to 1922, while Marcel Proust lay in his bedroom, scribbling out his masterpiece? ? about lost time on frayed pieces of loose-leaf paper, a young French housekeeper, Céleste Albaret, waited patiently in the kitchen for ?Monsieur? to ring. She was the wife of Proust?s chauffeur, and waited fifty years before telling her story. Céleste understood Proust as few others did, and over the years slowly took over the running of his life. The film is simultaneously a convincing depiction of the artist at work and a study of master and servant, feudally free with each other within the limits both accept. We see the writer in all his childish posturing and dedicated flory through Céleste?s loving eyes. As Céleste says, looking at us calmly, ?Monsieur is looking for truth. I act as his ...


Director: Hark Bohm
Screenplay: Hark Bohm
Director of Photography: Michael Ballhaus
Cast: Marquard Bohm; Dschingis Bowakow; Erich Dolz; Edy Hendorfer; Willy Schultes
Country, Year of production:
D, 1972-1973
Color: Color
Genre: Western; Family

Around 1880 in Montana. Shepherd Alaska drives his herd into a territory which just had been "cleaned" of Indians by the "Whites". Although on public land, the rancher Johnson objects to the shepherd's "intrusion". Alaska frees a young Indian,Tschetan - meaning falcon - who was kept prisoner by the rancher as a horsethief. He wants to punish the thief. Alaska wants Tschetan to become his aid. The boy refuses and flees. Pursuing him Alaska finds the boy in a devastated Indian camp: He is about to bury the dead. Alaska helps him. They ride back together. One day the rancher's sons discover their "cattlethief" Tschetan working for the shepherd. This offers legal reason to go against the shepherd. The Johnsons besiege the shepherds loghouse. Using a trick Alaska and Tschetan force the ...

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