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Director: May Spils
Screenplay: May Spils; Werner Enke; Ruediger Leberecht
Director of Photography: Klaus König
Cast: Uschi Glas; Werner Enke; Henry van Lyck; Inge Marschall
Country, Year of production:
D, 1967
Color: black/white
Genre: Comedy

The amusing and at the same time critical cult-film from one of the most famous quarters in Munich, Schwabing, in the 60s tells the story of two young men who love everything except working. They permanently wait that nothing happens. In the meantime they spend their time talking philosophical fancies?


Director: Uwe Brandner
Screenplay: Uwe Brandner
Director of Photography: André Dubreuil
Cast: Rolf Becker; Hannes Fuchs; Nikolaus Dutsch; Thomas Eckelmann; Marianne Blomquist; Helmut Brasch
Country, Year of production:
D, 1970
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Heimatfilm; Sci-Fi / Fantasy

An idyllic village in the German country side. Then one day arrives a new teacher who disturbs the present silence. He is making friends with the local hunter but finally breaks the rules and starts poaching... The hunter doesn´t have a choice, he must react. A dark vision of a society without freedom.


Director: Markus Imhoof
Screenplay: Markus Imhoof
Director of Photography: Hans Liechti
Cast: Markus Boysen; Corinna Kirchhoff; Claude-Oliver Rudolph; Will Quadflieg
Country, Year of production:
CH; D, 1986
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Bertram Voss gets out of the terrorist scene while he can and takes his 5-year-old son Florian with him. In the eyes of his former friends in the underground scene, Bertram is a traitor and for the police he remains a wanted member of this scene. Bertram has set himself a goal. He wants his son to grow up unlike himself, whose childhood had been "sheer madness", dominated by a tyrannical father, the wellknown Nazi poet Will Vesper. A journey through the aberrations of the German history... Based upon the autobiographical novel by Bernward Vesper.


Director: Peter Patzak
Screenplay: Helmut Zenker; Peter Patzak
Director of Photography: Dietrich Lohmann
Cast: Konrad Becker; Maria Engelstorfer; Walter Kohut; Erni Mangold; Immy Schell
Country, Year of production:
A, 1978
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Drama; Crime

The Viennese greengrocer Karl Kassbach (Walter Kohut) becomes a member of the right-extremist organisation INITIATIVE which plans and carries out numerous attacks and assasinations of the Vienna area.The victims are various democratic organisations (a catholic youth club, leftist clubs) and individuals (newspaper editors, television editors, foreign workers). Primarily Karl Kassbach´s circle of friends (five men in all) are shown, all involved in INITIATIVE, all bound together by a 15-year period of political activity. Not only do they collaborate in their political attacks, but they also go bowling togetherand have target practice in a hideout in Lower Austria. The organisation INITIATIVE , against which a rather small demonstration takes place, of wich however the public is hardly ...


Director: Doris Dörrie
Screenplay: Doris Dörrie
Director of Photography: Helge Weindler
Cast: Ulrike Kriener; Heiner Lauterbach; Janna Marangosoff; Uwe Ochsenknecht
Country, Year of production:
D, 1985
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy

A successful man decides to move out after his wife confesses having an affair with an artist. Finally he ends up moving into his wife's lover's apartment. The husband begins to take an interest in the artistic work of the lover and coaches him for a big job interview to make him a double of himself so that his wife doesn´t have any interest anymore. A hilarious comedy about the weak side of men...


Director: Henning Stegmüller
Screenplay: Henning Stegmüller; Detten D. Schleiermacher
Director of Photography: Paco Joan
Cast: Günter Lamprecht; Horst Raspe; Marie-Agnes Reintgen; Mizzi Weiland
Country, Year of production:
D, 1982
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Biography

Milo Barus, a man who has always remained true to himself. As a travelling wrestler and weightlifter he gains fame and international renown. From 1929 to 1935 he is 'The Strongest Man of the World.' In 1937 the Nazi court sentences him to prison for his active resistance. After the war he appropriates Nazi property for the Soviets as provisional police chief and is prosecuted by the West German authorities. He flees to East Germany and enjoys a privileged life. Until, at his 70th birthday, he tells a joke about the Party chairman? A biographical film that mirrors political and historical change.


Director: Luc Bondy
Screenplay: Luc Bondy; Edith Heerdegen; Libgart Schwarz
Director of Photography: Ricardo Aronovich
Cast: Edith Heerdegen; Libgart Schwarz; Elisabeth Stepanek; Klaus Pohl; Leslie Malton
Country, Year of production:
D, 1979-1981
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

The Ortliebs live in what appears to all the world to be peace and harmony, until an unforeseen event strikes at the very core of the family - the father dies, leaving behind a very disturbed mother and three grown children. Helplessly the survivors cling together - and this situation helps the oldest daughter, the shy Josefine to make herself the new head of the family. But this will prove fatal especially for her brother Walter...