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Director: George Sluizer; Carlos da Silva
Screenplay: Carlos da Silva; Jennifer Field; George Sluizer
Director of Photography: Theo Bierkens
Cast: Maria d'Aires; Diogo Infante; Huub Stapel; Jack Wouterse
Country, Year of production:
P; NL; GB, 1996
Color: Color
Genre: Comedy

Manuel is just an ordinary immigrant until he wakes up in a cemetery and discovers he's become a ghost. An old Chinese ghost living in the grave next door gives Manuel the bad news that he will only rest in peace if he can get his bones back to his native land. Worse yet, the only way to communicate with the living is through their dreams. It is true that there are benefits to being immaterial, but, despite the fun, nobody can hear him, nobody can see him and he is still Dying to Go Home...


Director: George Sluizer
Screenplay: George Sluizer; Tim Krabbé
Director of Photography: Toni Kuhn
Cast: Gene Bervoets; Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu; Gwen Eckhaus; Bernadette Le Saché; Johanna ter Steege
Country, Year of production:
NL; F, 1988
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Mystery

Saskia and Rex, a young couple from Amsterdam, are driving to the south of France on holiday. Rex likes taking risks and tends to only fill up with gasoline at the last moment. Driving through a long tunnel, Saskia tells about her recurring nightmare - she´s enclosed in a golden egg that files through space eternally. They run out of gas and after a quarrel eventually get to a service station. Raymond Lemorne is to all appearences an ordinary average man. Married, with two daughters, he is funny, sympatethic, a bit clumsy, loyal. One day he saves a drowning girl. His youngest daughter is filled with admiration and regards him as a hero. The question occurs to him whether he would also be capable of doing evil. He becomes obsessed with this idea to the point of having to prove it to ...