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Director: Dominik Wessely
Screenplay: Laurens Straub; Dominik Wessely; Rainer Kölmel
Director of Photography: Knut Schmitz
Cast: Hark Bohm; Uwe Brandner; Rainer Werner Fassbinder; Michael Fengler; Peter Fleischmann; Hans W. Geissendörfer; Werner Herzog; Alexander Kluge; Wim Wenders
Country, Year of production:
D, 2008
Color: Color/bw
Genre: Documentary

Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Werner Herzog. Wim Wenders. Three directors whose names stand for the exodus of the West German cinema from the decades of insignificance of the post-war period. As of 1970, the blossoming of the German cinema began and caused a global sensation with films like FEAR EATS THE SOUL, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL or IN THE COURSE OF TIME. For the first time since the golden age of expressionism in the 1920s, German filmmakers, whose new works receive international attention and acclaim, are back. Significantly responsible in part for this departure, is the Filmverlag der Autoren (The Authors' Film Publishing Guild) - a production and distribution cooperative that was founded in Munich in April 1971 by 13 filmmakers. Ranking amongst the first members ...


Director: Andreas Kleinert
Screenplay: Thomas Wendrich
Director of Photography: Johann Feindt
Cast: Frederick Lau; August Diehl; Devid Striesow; Jürgen Tarrach; Fritzi Haberlandt; Alice Dwyer
Country, Year of production:
D; D, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Thriller

Something terrible is about to happen in a small town in Germany. Nobody knows the reason why, except one person: Rico Bartsch. The 15-year old grammar school pupil, an absolute outsider, is in love with the most beautiful girl at his school. What in the beginning is a longing that can never be fullfilled will come true at the end of the story: Beautiful Regine will beg for Rico's love. Until then several inhabitants of the town will die an unnatural death... Rico Bartsch (Frederick Lau) is a looser. He is not successful with girls nor is he athletic: His limited sense of hearing makes him live in his own world. Whenever he is fed up with his surroundings he just switchess off his hearing aid. One day his classs mate Robert Greiner dies because he has eaten poisoned pastry. Rico does ...


Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Screenplay: Rosa von Praunheim
Director of Photography: Thomas Ladenburger; Markus Tiarks; Elfi Mikesch
Cast: Rosa von Praunheim
Country, Year of production:
D, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Documentary; Biography

Tracing my two mothers in Riga is my personal history. I was born Holger Mischwitzky in Riga, Latvia, on November 25th, 1942. In 2000, my then 94-year-old mother told me I was not her son and that she had found me in a children's home in Riga during the German occupation. That was all she was prepared to say. She died in 2003. Initially I didn't want to start searching, she had been a loving mother to me. Two years later I did become curious, but not knowing my real family name, I thought searching would be futile. With the help of a Latvian journalist I met Agnese who discovered intriguing things in the national archive. Amazingly enough, I eventually found my real birth certificate in Berlin which stated that I had been born in Riga in the central prison in 1942. I start searching for ...


Director: Peter Heller
Screenplay: Peter Heller
Director of Photography: Otmar Schmid; Peter Heller; Klaus Lautenbacher
Cast: Biermösl Blosn; Gerhard Polt
Country, Year of production:
D, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Documentary; Music

The 90 minute documentary follows the Biermösl-Blosn's invitation by the German cultural centre (Goethe - Institute), showing Bavarian folklore musicians meeting musicians and artists of South Africa's and Namibia's old and new folklore. On tour three famous musicians with their families form an itinerant little orchestra travelling to learn about the old and new rhythms of Africa. Armed with a harp, a viola, alpenhorns and a barrel organ, they move from street stages in the townships of Memlodi in Soweto and Gugulethu through sand dunes to the wildlife reserves in Namibia.


Director: Rudolf Thome
Screenplay: Rudolf Thome
Director of Photography: Fred Kelemen
Cast: Hannelore Elsner; Guntram Brattia; Rufus Beck; Hansa Czypionka; Oliver Elias; Anna Kubin
Country, Year of production:
D, 2006
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Marquand and Maria are painters and lovers who live together. After Marquand wins an important prize, with a considerable amount of money attached, his creativity wanes. As Maria works on series of paintings, Marquand visits his friend Gregor, a horse breeder and philosopher, sleeps with the angelic Angie and visits his daughter Lucia several times. Marquand and Lucia, who have begun a tender affair, spend a few nights in a hotel on the coast where they agree not to speak a word. Maria, who has no idea, knows all the same. Their love is over. She abruptly stops work on her series, starts on a new painting titled 'The Visible and the Invisible', and goes back to her old lover, Gregor. Back from his short trip, Marquand paints a final painting, well aware that the 40 pills in his bottle of ...


Director: Petra Katharina Wagner
Screenplay: Petra Katharina Wagner
Director of Photography: Peter Polsak
Cast: Monica Bleibtreu; Götz George; Claudia Michelsen; Esther Schweins; Anna Thalbach
Country, Year of production:
D, 2005
Color: Color
Genre: Drama; Romance

After the death of his beloved wife Maria, the successful product designer Jost discovers that she had been corresponding with an email friend, a woman nicknamed "Callas". She did not admit to her illness in letters to this friend, but pretended that Jost's life as a much-demanded designer was her own. Jost is in deep mourning and cannot bring himself to tell the email friend about Maria's death. Instead, he continues the correspondence by adopting the role of his wife. When he falls in love with the unknown woman and sets out to find her, he realizes that she did not describe her life with complete honesty, either.


Director: Andreas Horn; Armin Marewski
Director of Photography: Andreas Horn
Country, Year of production:
D, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Documentary

"A 13-kilometers long fence shall protect the leaders of the G8 Meeting" that was the news that was spread throughout the media at the end of the last year. A 13-kilometers long fence and an expense of 100 million Euros for a meeting to last 3 days? 16.000 police officers to protect the G8 leaders? Who came up with such an idea? What's up with that fence? Who shall be separated from whom? What danger shall it oppose? Is it really about security or is the fence more like a symbol? And if so, what for? The film makers searched the answers to those significant questions. The concerned parties that they encountered at the fence gave them a clue. And even the police mentioned activities that were interventions of civil liberties.

I BROKE MY FUTURE (original title)

Director: Carla Gunnesch
Screenplay: Carla Gunnesch
Director of Photography: Jakub Bejnarowicz
Country, Year of production:
D, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Documentary

Hundreds of thousands of Africans head to Europe every year. They flee from poverty, political persecution or war, thereby risking their life. Only very few manage to enter an EU country. Fela, Karim. Rachid and Daren made it to Germany and thought they had reached the destination of their dreams. But instead, they are confronted with restrictive asylum laws and their consequences. On the edge of society, they live and work illegally in Berlin and are subjected almost daily to police identity checks and the subsequent punishments. The only way out for them is to find a German woman to marry. They are slowly realising that they have not only given up their homeland for their life in Europe but are bit by bit also loosing their identity and dignity. Dreams of a normal life seem unreachable ...


Director: Alexander Gornovsky
Screenplay: Dimitri Sobolew
Director of Photography: Alexander Kuznetsow
Cast: Oskar Kuchera; Ilya Ljubimov; Anna Slynko; Maxim Sukhanov; Galina Tiunina
Country, Year of production:
RUS, 2007
Color: Color
Genre: Drama

Andrey is an art-director in an advertising agency. Andrey's life comes up with multiple unpleasant surprises at the day when his wife bears their first child. First of all Andrey has to go to work to solve some unexpected problems instead of going to the hospital to his wife. He lights up the first cigarette despite the fact that he was going to give up smoking. He confronts a client and finds himself in danger of being fired. From that moment Andrey's day turns into a total nightmare. All the day Andrey drives all over the city trying to solve the problem. On his way he makes mistake after mistake even without noticing it. He has to act against his will for his career and the future well being of his wife and his child, but still cannot reach the goal. However, this film is not about a ...


Director: George Sluizer
Screenplay: George Sluizer; Tim Krabbé
Director of Photography: Toni Kuhn
Cast: Gene Bervoets; Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu; Gwen Eckhaus; Bernadette Le Saché; Johanna ter Steege
Country, Year of production:
NL; F, 1988
Color: Color
Genre: Thriller; Mystery

Saskia and Rex, a young couple from Amsterdam, are driving to the south of France on holiday. Rex likes taking risks and tends to only fill up with gasoline at the last moment. Driving through a long tunnel, Saskia tells about her recurring nightmare - she´s enclosed in a golden egg that files through space eternally. They run out of gas and after a quarrel eventually get to a service station. Raymond Lemorne is to all appearences an ordinary average man. Married, with two daughters, he is funny, sympatethic, a bit clumsy, loyal. One day he saves a drowning girl. His youngest daughter is filled with admiration and regards him as a hero. The question occurs to him whether he would also be capable of doing evil. He becomes obsessed with this idea to the point of having to prove it to ...

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